“Does Christ Have First Place in Your Life?”


It has been said of modern-man, “he worships his work, he works at his play, and he plays at his worship.” Sadly, this is an accurate description of far too many who say that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior. The chronic problem lies in these professing Christians simply allowing themselves to get blown along each day by the winds of this age, instead of by the wind of the Holy Spirit. 

Just think for a moment … Is it possible after a man has worked a long day (he worships his work), to have a heavy social and activity schedule, and still maintain the spiritual health of both his own soul and that of his family? Further, can he possibly grab the hearts of his children with godliness, when the tyranny of the urgent (and not God’s Word), determines his family’s daily priorities? No way! Hectic lives inevitably sap all available energy stores, leaving God with the crumbs (he works at his play). Parents might respond, “But don’t we and our dear children deserve the right to have as much fun as we can together, with the opportunities and talents we have, when we can?” Yes, but always in wise moderation. Let’s face it, when real family-time and attending the regular mid-week and Lord’s Day services must compete with such calendars, church is soon doomed to be perceived as dry and boring by those who are backsliding. Now, do not think for a moment that such fragmented lives have shown one another that Jesus Christ really has “first place” in their lives (Colossians 1:18). Rather, such homes have raised a generation that has been taught that church can always play second fiddle to all that is crying for their immediate attention (playing at their worship; cf. Ecclesiastes 5:1, “Guard your steps when you go to the house of God. To draw near to listen is better than to offer the sacrifice of fools, for they do not know that they are doing evil”). What can turn around such wordliness? The answer: Godly parents who repent and follow the example of Joshua (24:15, “… But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”). Yes, and such parents would also do well to pause, read, and meditate upon, “The Westminster Larger Catechism” (Question #160), and its penetrating answer: “What is required of those that hear the Word preached? It is required of those that hear the Word preached, that they attend upon it with diligence, preparation, and prayer; examine what they hear by the Scriptures; receive the truth with faith, love, meekness, and readiness of mind, as the Word of God; meditate, and confer of it; hide it in their hearts, and bring forth the fruit of it in their lives. “ In conclusion, let us draw near to God, first, by taking heed to our heart preparation today, for encountering the living God tomorrow, in our public Worship service, both through our praises and prayers to Him, with God’s people; and secondly, through our attending to the reading and preaching of His Holy, inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word! Soli Deo Gloria! Happy Reformation Year 500!!

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