Are You a Person of THE Book?

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The Bible is God’s gracious Word to sinful man. It is NOT an exhaustive depository of the knowledge of God, or an intimate record of...

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Voting is your sacred duty!

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Dear citizen of America (and hopefully of heaven – Philippians 3:20), this Tuesday, November 8th, the citizens of Mississippi will be...

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Home-grown World Christians

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The Bible commands every believer to be an ambassador for Jesus Christ to this sin-soaked world: “Therefore, we are ambassadors for...

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The importance of reading solid books, especially, Christian biography

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The Scottish-born American industrialist and philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919), once said, “Man’s reading program should be...

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Reformation Celebration

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This year’s Reformation Conference will touch on a broad range of subjects that we face in our modern world—from church growth to...

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