Bruce A. Ware

Professor of Christian Theology at Southern Seminary

Dr. Ware is a highly esteemed theologian and author in the evangelical world. He came to Southern Seminary from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School where he served as Associate Professor and Chairman of the Department of Biblical and Systematic Theology. Prior to this, he taught at Western Conservative Baptist Seminary and Bethel Theological Seminary. Dr. Ware has written numerous journal articles, book chapters, and book reviews and, along with Thomas Schreiner, has co-edited The Grace of God and the Bondage of the Will and Still Sovereign. He also has authored God’s Lesser Glory: The Diminished God of Open Theism; God’s Greater Glory: The Exalted God of Scripture; and the Christian Faith, and Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: Relationships, Roles, and Relevance.



Jim Elliff

Founder and President of Christian Communicators Worldwide

Since 1985, Jim has addressed Christian ministries, seminaries, universities, churches, and pastors' fraternals of various denominations throughout the United States and in many foreign countries. Prior to founding CCW, Jim served churches in Florida, Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. He is the author of Led by the Spirit, Pursuing God-A Seeker's Guide, Going Under: Discussions on Baptism, and Wasted Faith, and co-author of Divorce and Remarriage: A Permanence View. He has written many other booklets and articles, many of which may be found at,,, and Jim currently serves on advisory boards for Coram Deo Ministries (Italy) and Editora FIEL (Brazil). In addition to writing and travel, Jim began Christ Fellowship of Kansas City in 2003, a unique church made up of home congregations in the Kansas City metro area.

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