Is a right view of baptism important?

baptism.jpgOne of the great doctrinal formulas or declarations that was articulated at the time of the Protestant Reformation was “The Three Marks of a True Church.” The Reformers said these marks were: (1) The proper preaching of the pure gospel of Jesus Christ, (2) The proper administration of the sacraments [i.e. Baptism and the Lord’s Supper], and (3) the proper exercising of church discipline [“The Belgic Confession,” chapter XXIX].

The first mark has been in “recovery mode” ever since John MacArthur’s classic, “The Gospel According to Jesus,” was released in the summer of 1988. The third mark has been in “dead mode” for at least the last two-hundred years! The second mark, in both of its features, is still in “muddy-water mode.” Our concern this week is with this latter mark, and more specifically, with the first of its two sub-features – Baptism.

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